Thursday, May 29, 2008


Grampy and I decided it was long past time to start getting rid of some of the junk we have been saving up in our basement for years and years and years. We pulled the family together and said "Let's have a Big Ass Garage Sale!"
So in a couple of weeks our three families are going to put all our collective junk out in the driveway and hope that someone else wants it. You know the old saying - "There's a sucker born every minute" - we are hoping that a few will show up at our garage sale and save us from this clutter.
I have been working out in my mind (yes, I do have one!) the ad that I will be placing in the newspaper as bait to draw in the unsuspecting. How does this one sound?..................
"OK folks, we have all this junk in our basement that is just taking up space and gathering dust. Why not stop by our 3-family garage sale and see if there is any good stuff here that you could take home to take up space and gather dust at your place for a while. We have a wide variety of stuff, with something for everyone. Old pots&pans, old fishing equipment, ice skates, all kinds of mismatched dishes and glassware, tools and so very much more. I mean, really, we could hardly walk through our basement so there will be a boat load of stuff for you to browse through! Come early because if, by chance, there are some hidden treasures, they will go fast!"
Actually, I will probably break down and write a more conventional ad. It is just fun sometimes to say (write) the truth of the matter just to see how it plays. So, if you are not doing anything on June 13 or 14, mosey on over and check my junk!
If you click on the images at the top it will enlarge the image so you can get a good look at it (if for some reason you really want to) and remember, this is just some of it - yes - there's more!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Found Yet Another Great Etsy Shop!

Look at this great Soap Dispenser Face Jar that I got on etsy. I got this from Amanda Moon's Sunfire Shop on etsy. She does some wonderful work and you really should take a look!

This little guy is just the perfect size to hold my liquid soap dispenser that is ever-present on my kitchen counter.

If you haven't discovered etsy yet, you really need to check it out. What ever you are looking for can probably be found there. If not, you can do an Alchemy request and find someone to make exactly what you want. You will probably get so many bidders that you will have a hard time deciding which one to pick! And while you are browsing - please take some time to check out my shop (link to it over there on the left size of this page).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is a Hoot!

I was in Minneapolis this past week end to celebrate my granddaughter's 5th birthday and my ??th birthday with my daughters and grandchildren. We had a wonderful time. We decided to check out a Craft Sale in White Bear Lake. It was wonderful and I was happy to see so many etsy sellers there.

While walking around checking everything out, I was really drawn to the table of Popsie Daisy. She makes the most adorable little creature knitting bags for holding your small knitting projects. I had picked up a card with every intention of checking her on line shop when I got home.

Well, somehow (probably when I was filling my face with carmel corn!) my hubby and the kids sneaked away and purchase this adorable Hoot Owl Bag for my birthday. I was thrilled when I opened it later that day!

These bags are just the perfect size to hold your yarn when working on a small project like socks or small purses. It is nicely weighted at the bottom so that it does not tip over when you are using it. It has a zipper in the back for easy access to your yarn. But, the BEST feature of these little creatures in the hole in the back to thread your yarn through!

If you need a project bag or you need a super and unique gift for a knitter in your life, check out Popsie Daisy's shop. She has wonderful creatures and the price is quite reasonable!