Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Great Finds From WWWG etsy Street Team

I have been busy looking through all the shops of my fellow Street Team members and find that the variety and quality of items my fellow "old gals" are putting out on a daily basis is astounding! Here are three more sellers that deserve a closer look:

http://ennadoolf.etsy.com/ has a wonderful shop with a wide variety of items. If you are looking for some really beautiful Barbie Doll clothes, you really need to check her out! She has lots of these wonderful reversible dolls. I remember my daughter having one of these when she was little and she loved it

http://circleinthesand.etsy.com/ - this is another great seller! She has tons of vintage stuff, including buttons, patterns and Christmas items. Take a look - you will love it. And interspersed throughout her shop listings you will find some great handknit items for baby!

http://scottieacres.etsy.com/ - in keeping with her shop name, this seller seems to have a Scottie on everything in her shop! These cute little craft aprons, bibs, t-shirts and a whole lot more. So, if Scotties are your thing - you have got to check out this shop.

So enjoy checking these shops. If you would like to check out the other grandmama's who are nat letting the aging process interfere with the creative side of life, you can check out all the Wild, Wise & Witty Gramdmamas Street Team by entering wwwg team in the search bar at the top of the etsy page.


Dayna said...

Thanks Granny for including Scottie Acres Boutique in your review!

The 64th Guides said...

thank you for your profile of ennadoolf!

Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

Very nice blog, Granny. And nice of you to promote some of our WWWG members, too!

I can't help but love the creations for children...my very favorite to sew & paint for!