Wednesday, March 3, 2010

etsy BEARS it all...............

I had a little trouble coming up with a theme for this week's etsy blog.  So I wrote down a bunch of words on little pieces of paper and tossed them in a bowl.  I drew one out and it was "bear".  What fun typing the single word "bear" into the seach bar and seeing all the possibilities!

Clickity Clack Collectibles has this most wonderful handmade bear named "Buino"  He is absolutely adorable!  Bruino is 18 inches tall, fully jointed and made from faux fur.  Please check out this shop - it is loaded with bears in many colors.  You will also find wonderful wooden puzzles and toys, purses and dolls.  This shop is well worth a browse!

Maybe VINTAGE bears are more to your liking.  If so, you have to go visit Eclectic Pelican!  This bear is very, very old and has tin eyes and nose.  He is perfect for the collector of old bears or as a display piece (especially at Christmas).  Eclectic Pelican sells a wide range of charming vintage.  The items I found there included drawer pulls, primatives, interesting stuff for the kitchen and clothing.  This is another great etsy find and I think you will have fun looking around this shop.

This one really caught my eye.  It is a beatifully hand knit bear by mKnits1.  This is just one of the many bears available in this shop.  What I really like is that this bear is so functional - it is durable and can be machined washed.  So after a lot of loving - which is bound to include a few drags through the dirt and food spills, he can be washed all brand spaking new and be ready to go!  He is 27 inches tall.   Check out mknits1 and I am sure you will find a cuddly bears that will steel your heart.

Christmas Angel  is offering this great VINTAGE fully jointed teddy bears from the 1940's.  You just have to love that face.  You know it is just saying "Come on!  Give me a hug!"  I really enjoyed my trip through this shop.  I was particularly struck by the wide variety of Paper Ephemera you can find here - postcards, photographs, etc.  If you are a collector of vintage Christmas ornaments - this is the place for you!  Christmas Angel has quite a few and all the prices are very reasonable!

All in all my "bear" search was quite a bit of fun.  Again, narrowing it down to just 4 items was a struggle.  If you are up for a good time, go over to etsy and type in "bears" in the search bar and be prepared for surprises and fun.  Or type in something else - it is an adventure waiting to happen!

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TheFrogBag said...

I just love all these bears! Great choices!