Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On Growing Old

We all know that there are many things about growing old that suck! "Support Bra" takes on a whole new meaning, headstands and cartwheels are but distant memories, there's only about 3 things left on any menu that you can eat and "taking a risk" can be something as simple as walking to the mailbox down an icy driveway.

But, I thought about at least one thing this morning that is good about growing old! I now have a built in excuse for every stupid thing I do and dumb thing I say! I just shrug and mumble "Let's just chalk this one up to old age!" and I am off the hook! Everyone just shakes their heads and say "Yeah, the old gal is getting old - Alzheimer's must be kicking in."

I now have a ready excuse for forgetting important dates likes birthdays and anniversaries. I just pull out the "I'm getting old" thing after I spend 20 minutes looking for my glasses that are resting on the top of my head. I no longer have to explain why I came home from the corner grocery with 27 items - none of which are the one I went for in the first place.

So my boobs may now be closer to my knees than they are my chin, my face crinkles have become full blown wrinkles and I take a one hour nap in my chair every night before bed but I smile with a small touch of joy when I realize that my days of being accountable for my daily foibles are diminishing.


PumpkinGirl said...

Yeah, right! You think we're letting you off the hook that easy!? Get real, granny!

Granny said...

Are you somebody I should know? The name rings a bell. Hmmmmmmmm.