Thursday, March 27, 2008

The UGLY Bag

OK, so I made this bag and listed it in my etsy shop yesterday. It is a Large Farmer's Market Bag. I think it is a nice bag that features a heavy duty cotton canvas lining which makes it extra sturdy.

I sent a picture of it to my daughter. I always send her pictures of some of my new ideas just to get her feedback. I like to use her as my sounding board because she is very honest and does not just say stuff to make me feel good.

Her response to this bag? She said it was "lame"! She liked the concept but hated the fabric. What is wrong with me? When I saw this fabric it just shouted "Farmer's Market" to me. Do you think it is an age thing or is it really bad and I have really bad taste?

I have a feeling that this bag might run its' course on etsy and then become my own personal Farmer's Market bag. And when that happens, my daughter will just have to pretend she doesn't know me when we go to market. :)

I have another daughter and I am hoping that she will still go to market with me! I am pretty sure that my granddaughers will still walk around the market with me - they are 4 and 6 - what do they know about high fashion?


PumpkinGirl said...

Oh, mom! I didn't say it was ugly, I said I "didn't care for it." You raised me to be polite and respectful, remember?? Then, behind your back I said "That's so ugly!" Hahahahahaha!

Granny said...

The question is - will you still walk around the market with me if I have this slung over my shoulder?

jen said...


jen said...