Sunday, July 13, 2008

In a Funk..........

Wow! I have not posted anything here in a long time. For some unknown reason, I have been in kind of a funk lately. Unable to get too excited about much of anything and highly unmotivated. This is not like me at all - I am usually pretty upbeat and my body has a hard time keeping up with my mind as I always am overflowing with ideas about what I can/should do today.

But I took some minor little steps yesterday to see if it will get my juices flowing again and get me to move ahead. I joined an etsy Street Team. For those who do not know, Street Teams are groupings of etsy sellers who come together to promote each other, converse with each other and share tips and ideas. They usually consists of groups of people who something in common. Jewelry makers, polymer clay people, knitters and so on and so forth.

I joined a team called WIST which stands for Wisconsin Street Team so it is all people who live in Wisconsin and you have swear that you love cows and cheese! I am thinking of joining another that is called Boomers - this group consists of persons 5o and over - I more than qualify for that!

And I spent quite a bit of time the last 2 days cutting lots of stuff out to sew for either selling in my shop on etsy or taking with me to the Craft O Rama Craft sale in Minneapolis. When I have a pile of stuff already cut, that usually will get me going!

Grampy is going away tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Therefore, I think I will be able to get myself busy doing what I love most and that should chase this darn funk away! Sure hope so!

Oh, and the garage sale was a great success and we got rid if all the junk. Our garage and basement storage area never looked so good! Now we just have to schedule an auction and get rid of the non-junk stuff and we are all set to go!

So wish me luck on my quest to "junk the funk" so I can put something in this blog of interest!

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PumpkinGirl said...

Get out the FUNK! It's summer!!!