Saturday, January 19, 2008

etsy and me

I started selling handcrafts at about 2 1/2 years ago. My youngest daughter told about this site and thought it might be interesting to me. I had recently retired and I think my kids were worried that I would become bored or spend way too much time learning the ins and outs of being a couch potato!

Wow! etsy has been a wonderful outlet for me. It keeps me busy, keeps my mind working and keeps me in touch with people.

The main thing that I have been selling on etsy has been various kinds of Knitting Needle Organizers. The one pictured here is a bag designed to hold circular knitting needles. I also make organizers for straight needles, double pointed needles and crochet hooks. I also do a pretty good business making custom order organizers. Some people like the concept and my workmanship, but they have some specific wants for their bag. I try as much as possible to assist them with design and configuration so that they are pleased with the end results.

Just to keep it interesting (and to use up all my scraps), I also make and sell lots of small Coin Purses and Pocket Tissue Holders. I recently started knitting some dish cloth/face scrubbies but it is too early to see if these are going to be a hot item. I have made tote bags, plastic bag dispensers and other items. But it seems that I can't make enough of the needle organizers so most of the other items take a backseat.

I recommend etsy for anyone who makes handcrafted items and is looking for an outlet for their creativity. It is also a nice source for some extra income. Check my shop, check other shops and see if perhaps etsy is the place for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Remember me?! I'm Pumpkin Girl's friend from way back. I still remember the bead loom you bought for me when we were up at your cabin. I made many lovely things with it, and was always so touched by the gesture. It's so cool to see all the things you're making! I love the fabric choices. I will be sure to check back often! xoxo.

Granny said...

Hi! Sonya! Wow, you are all grown up now! I was pleased to find out that you and pumpkingirl had gotten back in touch with each other. Stop and see me if you ever get back this way again.

Anonymous said...

I would love to!