Sunday, January 6, 2008

Let's get acquainted

So this is my first attempt at creating a blog. I haven't figures it all out yet. Gotta figure out that picture thing - will probably need to call one of my children!

Anyway, I am hoping to use this blog to write down some of my musing and thoughts about life - looking back and looking forward. As I find myself aging (and not yet figuring out a way to stop that) I like looking back over my life and thinking about things from my past, things that have come and gone, things that truly impacted how I have lived my life and looking forward to what the future may have in store for me.

Right now I am busy being the best granny I know how to be, celebrating the wonderful adults my children have become, thanking myself for picking a perfect husband with whom I can still share and enjoy life, and building a small on-line business to keep my juices flowing.

So, going forward in this blog I will be sharing some of my life-lessons and reflecting on them, talking about my children/grandchildren and telling you about my on-line store. I will tell you about the store not to try to get you to buy something from me but to tell you about how having this endeavor has proven to be such a great thing for me in keeping me alive, vital and content.

Going to sign off now and see if I can figure out this picture and link thingy.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. It's good to have you as a fellow blogger.