Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Liked It Better When SPAM Was Something You Ate

This is just a short rant about SPAM! Jeez! It is really starting to bug me. Everyday, several times a day, I have to go through my email and delete, delete, delete. My finger is getting tired, for crying out loud!
No, I am not interested in saving 95% on my Viagra. Can't say that I really care that one of my long, lost mates has sent me an eCard. I believe that all my body parts are about as big as I want them to be. And those four hot chicks that want to meet me? Well - tough!
Oh, and if you can't spell "mortgage" correctly, I probably don't want to do business with you.
There! I feel better now.


Persimmons Gal said...

Well are you sure you don't want some free porn cuz I can hook you up. Or at least the guy who sends me that email 10 times a day can.

jen said...

gmail gmail gmail is your friend....