Friday, February 19, 2010

Gotta Love the Sun!

Wow!  We have finally had two days in a row where the sun came out.  Now, I don't mean it kind of peeked out  here and there through the cloud cover.  It actually came out and shone down upon me in its' full glory!

It felt soooooooo good!  I think I have a "spring in my step".  I did a blog a few days ago about gardening and sticking my toes in the mud but I have to now admit - that was really wishful thinking and faith.  I mean, it really seemed like maybe warmer weather was just going to take a pass this year.  No sun, no fun - or something dire like that!

But out old Mr. Sun came and now I can close my eyes and feel that warm mud oozing up between my toes!  I can see myself sitting out on the deck, face turned up absorbing the heat, sipping an ice cold lemonade!  Ah!  Bring It On!  Oh yeah, I can also hear myself lamenting the heat and wishing for the cooler weather to come back.  Happens every year.

I guess I am just so darned happy that I live in an area of the country/world where I can enjoy the four seasons, anticpate the coming change and complain!  Complaining about the weather is a favorite pasttime of us midwesterners - and thankfully - our weather patterns are very accommodating and condusive to complaints.

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