Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring is coming! Really! It is!

OK.  So I am sitting here looking out the window and the snow is piled up to my knees, the thermometer says is a whopping 14 degrees out there and I think I should go put a warmer sweater on.  So why am I thinking about Spring and gardening?  Well, the new seed catelogues are starting to come in the mail, for one reason.  That surely puts one into mind of summer and digging in the dirt and the smell of lilacs wafting through the air - right?

But another reason I have been thinking about spring and planting and toes in the mud is because I have been browsing around in etsy shops that carry all sorts of things for the outdoor garden.  I was amazed once again by the variety of stuff that is on this site.  It seems that no matter what your particular interest is, the talented folks over at etsy have something for you.

My Victory Garden  is the perfect place to start your search for things for your garden.  This is a beautiful shop that specializes in Heirloom seeds - both vegetable and flower.  The lettuce pictured above is called DRUNKEN WOMAN LETTUCE!  You just can't go wrong with that!  Browse through this shop and you will find some hard to find seeds that will really get your juices running to get out there and plant something!  And, this shop also offers gift certificates which is great if you need a gift for a gardener but really don't know for sure what they need or want - they can pick their own!

One of the best things about gardening is that it attracks all kinds of birds and butterflies to your yard.  I really fell in love with this darling birdhouse from Jenny's Tole Shed.  Check it out!  This shop is full of all kinds of handpainted, unique items - not just birdhouse.  It is well worth your time to brownse through.

The Succulent Garden  is a real fun shop to look through.  This shop specializes in homegrown succulent plants.  You will find some great cuttings, rooted plants, air plants and so much more.  I discovered some things there that I had never heard of before.  This shop also offers Gift Certificates for ease in gift giving.  Take some time to check out this most interesting shop!

The last shop I have chosen for this series on etsy is just pure eye candy for me!  True Connection has a wide variety of items made from recyled wood.  They have a motto "Saving Life One Tree At A Time!"  You just have to love that!  The artiistically crafted offerings in this shop includes birdhouses, birdfeeders, a wide variety of benches and tons of other furniture - both indoor and outdoor.  I believe that you can also custom order things if you don't find exactly what you are looking for.  Give this shop a look see and you will be amazed!

I hope that you all are enjoying this series on etsy.  I am determined to hunt through etsy to discover all the wonderful things that are out there.  My goal is to mix it up as much as possible and to find the unexpected.  I also want to mix up the HANDMADE and VINTAGE as much as possible.  I am open to suggestions on themes that you would like to see featured here.  Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!


Tina Wilson said...

thank you so much for sharing about myvictorygarden on your blog. what a nice surprise, and so very nice of you to do that.
have a really nice weekend!

PumpkinGirl said...

Love this post. I will definitely be checking out Victory Garden and those cool recycled benches!

Granny said...

The benches are wonderful! Check them out! But what about the The Drunken Woman lettuce?